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About Us

BFK isn’t your typical website that tells you about online tips, casinos and games. While all these things are here in abundance, what makes this site stand out is the online betting community that has been built up for the mutual benefit of its members.

With valuable advice from tipsters that has produced consistent long term profits, to the social side of being part of a group of like-minded individuals, everyone in the BFK community can work together to make the best profits.


The active community on BFK is a way of connecting players, for everyone’s benefit. In the our Community, you will be able to join groups, enter competitions, and check the statistics of each tipster group before joining.

Groups are focused around an individual tipster, whose tips have been tried and tested and has high win margin on his tips. A quick link lets you join a group, and you can check out who else is a member, what the latest postings from the group have been, check out the activity. Chat with other members and so on.

Some members like to focus on certain sports, by joining the football betting community, while others may choose Rugby, Basketball and so on. Hence you might find a tipster group whose main focus is that sport. If not we have open forums for discussing most sport topics.

Like other social networking sites, each member can post details about themselves on their Wall to let others know a little about you. Find friends or tell the community about your latest wins. The social betting community is very friendly, welcoming and easy to use. While tipsters come from around the world, and many post in their own languages, our admins work around the clock to translate so that readers from across the world can participate in this sports betting social network.

Lots of competitions are run, some sponsored by third parties, others directly by BFK. Prizes vary with each contest, but you can expect to find exclusive tournaments that are only open to the BFKcommunity, odds competitions where players win by making correct predictions for sports events, and even games console tournaments based on titles like the latest FIFA games and so on.